Winter Collection Silk Scarves


Constantly observing and analyzing the world around us, we often forget to look inward, to analyze our own thoughts and feelings.
Pause. Reflect. Introspect.

It is during moments of silence that we can hear our own voice. Focus on yourself and let it become a habit!...

OLIVIA - Silk Scarf

The print of this Silk scarf, is powerfully emotional, and has all the drama, darkness, mystery and beauty of a Grimm’s fairy tale. On this flowing, shiny, silk, crepe de chine fabric, the drama and poetry of this abstract print are enhanced. It drapes beautifully, and has a soft, brea..

OLY – Silk Scarf

This beautiful piece is lustrous, lightweight and has a beautiful shine, as well as a soft feel. It is an ideal selection for you, because of its unique pattern that combines geometrical elements and watercolor effects. Product information: • 100% silk Satin • 130 x 130 cm • Hand Rolle..

ROTI – Silk Scarf

This digital printed scarf is made from the finest silk, and has a beautiful shiny look. It is ideal for year - round wear, and will add a dash of color to every outfit. The abstract pattern of the scarf makes it a truly unique addition in any wardrobe.Product information: • 100% silk ..

THAIS - Silk Scarf

Multicolor digital printed pure silk satin scarf crafted in 100% silk; a refined accessory that adds color and an eclectic flair to your style. A luxurious silk scarf, inspired by floral motifs. This scarf has a beautiful splendor and shine, as well as a soft feel. Ideal for year-round..

KORINA - Silk Scarf

This scarf is made of a luxurious 100% silk fabric, which is lightweight and has a refined finish on both sides. It drapes beautifully, and has a soft, breathable texture which is lovely against the skin. The pattern and the colors of this design are ideal for every fall outfit you may..