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Bet and Malfie makes high quality, unique and stylish silk scarves, shawls, cover-ups and hair accessories for every woman.

Bet and Malfie, as we say Beethoven and Malfatti...

When a man falls in love, like Beethoven with Countess Malfatti, he invents various ways to express his love. So Beethoven, to impress his beloved, adopted a new personal style, which included silk scarves to match his suits.

For us, this love story was our main source of inspiration! The importance and what kind of effect accessories have on our lives and how we can express ourselves through them...

Our creativity is guided by harmony, elegance and functionality, while our business model is based on ethos, consistency, quality, respect, attention to detail and romance.

The most important features of our accessories are that all our products are 100% silk, made of high quality materials and uniquely designed.

Bet & Malfie is sincerely yours!

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