The Company’s management and protection of the personal data of the users/visitors of are governed by the relevant Greek and EU legislation, the present Personal Data Protection Statement and the following terms. The written declaration with your details is considered your consent for the collection and processing of your data to the extent this is absolutely necessary for achieving the aim of their collection.

Τhe website  has designed its webpage in such a way that its users can visit it without having to disclose their identity, unless they want to. Any user can navigate without providing any personal information. We will need some personal data (full name, email, delivery address, telephone number, etc.) mainly for the fulfilment of your order, in case we want to send you the products you have ordered, in case you want to sign up in our webpage and/or in case you want to send an email to

In order to provide you with better services, it is important for you to understand that it is necessary to give us certain details, which will be kept secret.

The information you have voluntarily given to us is used by the Company or collaborating establishments (Collaborating Bank, postal service) in order to support, promote and carry out your transaction through Bet and Malfie and give you the opportunity to have direct and real communication with us as well as to provide you with answers to certain questions you ask and finally provide you with our services and fulfil your orders. The information collected by Bet and Malfie through the webpage also aims at counting the number of visitors, at specifying the demands of the customers for more products and tailor-made services as well as at extracting anonymous statistical data and at making transactions with the Company much easier. Τhe does not send electronic addresses or any other information about its users/customers to any organization/establishment or collaborator that is not related to

Bet and Malfie collects four types of information about the users: (i) data provided by the user upon registration as a customer, (ii) data the user provides in order for the order to be fulfilled by Bet and Malfie, (iii) data the user provides during participations in competitions held from time to time, (iv) data the user provides when signing in through a different platform (applications ios, android, Facebook, Google). When you complete any order form on our website, you will be asked to give your full name, address, postal code of your area, electronic address, telephone number, details for the dispatch-delivery of an order, invoicing details, credit card data, way of payment, etc.

We use the information you give us during the electronic submission of the communication form in order to contact you for the following reasons: (i) dispatch of the order wherever you wish and indicate to us, (ii) confirmation and identification of your data in any necessary case, and (iii) dispatch of presents following competition draws. We also make use of this information, following your consent, in order to contact you for the following reasons: (i) new or alternative products offered by, (ii) special offers and any competitions held, (iii) advertising of our products and remote promotion, (iv) market research. You have the opportunity to choose whether you want to receive this type of information from Bet and Malfie or not by emailing your request to

Your personal data on exceptionally rare occasions and special cases can also be announced to businesses collaborating with the Company so that your commercial relationship with us can be supported, promoted and fulfilled, always taking into account the conditions that fully guarantee that your personal data are by no means illegally processed.

The fulfillment of any order requires the collection of personal data so that the order can be filled and delivered. In addition, the use of credit card, which requires the identification data of the legal owner only for the first time it is debited, is in any case safeguarded. All supporting and other documents that certify and declare your identity remain strictly confidential and are checked only by the respective authorized department of Bet and Malfie. The fact that you provide your personal data means that you agree that these data can be used by the employees of Bet and Malfie for the above reasons. Τhe website demands that its employees and maintenance technicians provide you with the security level reported in the present Personal Data Protection Statement. On no other occasion may Bet and Malfie share your personal data with others without your prior consent, unless it is required by the law and even in this case only with the competent Authorities. Please, take into account that under certain circumstances, when it is allowed or imposed by the law or a judicial decision, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data that have been collected online can be disclosed without your prior consent.

The Company shall be the possessor and responsible for the processing of both the data that have been collected in the above way and the archive that has been created for the above purposes. The above archive shall be kept at the base of the Company, and it can be contacted through email by clicking at the link and through telephone No. +30 23410 75555, Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 (except official holidays), shall be the Representative of the Company and the person Responsible for Processing.

The Company shall be the only receiver of the personal data you provide and shall transfer these data to companies associated to the Company for operational and IT purposes within the frame of its business relationships with you as well as for statistical and historical reasons. As long as you have filled the relevant field and have consented to the dispatch of informative and advertising material to you, the Company may, after you have been notified, announce your personal data to third parties in order to advertise the products they offer as well as to firms carrying out market research or any other similar activity.

As users/visitors who have submitted their personal data to the Company, you have the following rights:

a) Τhe right to access the data that are related to you and are possessed by the Company.

b) The right to be informed about all personal data related to you as well as about their origin, the reasons for their processing, the receivers or the categories of receivers, the progress on the processing since the last update or information you had, the logic of the automated processing, and the, as the case may be, correction, deletion or binding of data which is not processed according to the provisions of L.2472/1997.

c) Τhe right to object to the processing of data related to you.

d) Τhe right to enjoy temporary judicial protection.

e) Τhe right to revoke at any moment your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data, without retroactive effect.

Form our part we fulfill all our responsibilities imposed by the law. You have the right to request at any moment that the informative and advertising-promotional material ceases to be dispatched to you. In order to exercise the right to object, as specified by L.2472/1997, you should ask in writing a specific action from the Processing Executive, such as the correction of the personal data related to you, the temporary abstention from their use, their binding, their abstention from transfer or deletion.

In case you directly submit by yourselves to any third parties any personal or sensitive data of yours through the present website, it is up to you to investigate the protection terms the third parties set with regard to these data. You accept that the Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for such notifications as well as for any subsequent use of the said data by other persons. Similarly, the Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for any notification made by users/visitors of the present website with regard to personal and/or sensitive data provided through the present website without any prior consent granted by the beneficiary of these data.

As a user/visitor you guarantee the accuracy and validity of the personal data that are related to you and you submit to the Company, while you also guarantee your right to submit these data.

Τhe details of the credit card are not stores in the storage devices of the Company during the transaction but are directly registered in a secure environment of the collaborating company Card link (electronic address:, which has undertaken the task of routing the cards, and the Collaborating Bank. The Company objects to the collection of personal data belonging to underage people and has no intention of collecting or processing the data of these persons.

Τhe website is subject to the current Greek and EU legislation and safely keeps your personal data for as long as you are registered with its services. The data are deleted after your commercial relationship with the Company is terminated irrespective of the way this is conducted.

Acceptance of Confidentiality Protection Procedures followed by

In case you use the present website, you accept and consent to the present Personal Data Protection Statement as well as to the Terms and Conditions on the use of the website, that have been published on the website.


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