Small square scarves are a timeless accessory that deserve a spot in any wardrobe.

There is a plethora of techniques to style them no matter your age, gender, or personal style: with a fitted suit, a basic jeans and T-shirt combo, a white oversized shirt or a feminine dress, there are just so many ways to refine an outfit simply by adding a delicate pop of color.

Bet and Malfie has created this nifty guide with several suggestions and styling tips on how to wear a short silk scarf for a dainty yet captivating appearance.

Folded, twisted, tied or wrapped, these are only some of the numerous ways you can use to style your neckerchief today.

Want to know more? Watch our step-by-step videos and keep reading to find out how to wear a small silk scarf.

This is your chance to experiment with your style and use your scarf as a head bandana, wrist wrap, or even as a charm for your handbag. With our styling tips and your imagination, we are certain the outcome will be superb!

Here are the different ways to wear silk scarves:

1. How to wear a small silk scarf as a bracelet

Do you want to decorate your wrists but avoid the noisy bangles? Of course, you do! And what better way to achieve this than wearing your scarf as bracelet!

In order to tie your silk scarf as bracelet, you have to choose a rather small square one so as to avoid the bulkiness. This pop of color will glam up even a basic white tee and it pairs exceptionally well with your spring outfits. All you have to do is fold the scarf into a triangle, roll it into a ribbon and then wrap it around your wrist a couple of times to create the bracelet. We are certain that the small square scarf is not a mere accessory: it is an investment for your wardrobe!

2. How to make a flower with a scarf to decorate your neck

We do love a good accessory that is versatile and practical – like the silk scarf during winter when it keeps you warm – but we just can’t help but fall in love with an accessory that is there purely to… accessorize!

Embellishing your neck with a scarf rose knot might be a tad harder than your simple go-to wrap, but, oh, how beautiful it is!

Want to know how to wear a square silk scarf? Watch our YouTube video and follow the step-by-step process to create a unique body and outfit decoration that will definitely make heads turn!

3. How to wrap a silk scarf on your head, vintage style!

No better way to add the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibe than to wear a vintage silk scarf as a bandana. Unleash your inner Audrey Hepburn with the least amount of effort, by recreating the iconic look – oversized black sunglasses optional, but much desired.

Driving a convertible or vespa? This “incognito” approach also serves as a great driving ensemble, preventing your hair from getting tangled in the wind. Who said practical can’t be stylish?

This is how to wrap your hair in a silk scarf and still radiate fashion.

4. The secret to styling a silk scarf in hair with a scarf ring

Now, if you want that vintage aesthetic but with a modern twist, the scarf ring is the way to go!

No fuss, no hair tangled in the knot, no tying and untying: with the Bet and Malfie scarf ring you will be able to secure your head bandana in seconds, without worrying if it will stay put or not.

Here is how to wear a small square scarf using the ring: all you have to do is fold the square silk scarf into a triangle, place it over the head and then pull the two ends through the ring – done! That’s all it takes to create an iconic look and mesmerize everyone with your style.

5. How to wear a hair scarf with your ponytail

Even though Bet and Malfie features some exquisite silk scrunchies that would instantly adorn any ponytail, if you already own a small square scarf why not use it?

The ponytail scarf is an easy way to upgrade your do and turn the whole outfit into a well-thought and perfectly-executed ensemble. Want to know how to wear a short silk scarf with your ponytail? Step one is to put your hair into a low pony and secure it with a hair tie. Step two is to take the scarf, fold it into a triangle and then once again to make it thinner, and place it around the pony. Step three is to tie it like you do with your shoe laces: form a knot and then a bow! Done!

6. How to tie a short scarf around your neck

There are probably dozens of ways to tie a small scarf around the neck – both men and women have been sporting the look for centuries! From cravats to ascot ties, and from neckerchiefs to cowboy looks, the square silk scarf is a must for every wardrobe. This is another approach to wearing it, and it’s probably the easiest one in the book!

If you have a Bet and Malfie small square scarf that is 60*60cm in size, fold it in half 3 times until you get a nice 7-centimeter ribbon. Then, wrap the ribbon around your neck and tie a small knot to create a choker-like necklace. Make sure not to pull too tight, and there you have it! No more worrying about how to tie a square silk scarf around your neck!