Long Silk Scarves

long silk scarf could be the best option to polish up a look and add a stylish plus chic factor to any outfit. Its shape makes it easy to wear it, as you can wrap and tie it in many ways, or even toss one end over your shoulder, giving a more sophisticated and charming character to your look. 

As Bet and Malfie focus on creations that differ for their high quality, unique design, soft feel, and a sense of elegance, long luxurious silk scarves are the ones that stand out from the mass. Lavish scarves made out of 100% silk with various printed motifs that can go with anything you want to wear. 

Discover long silk scarves online with concepts and designs inspired by dark yet romantic flowers that radiate a beautiful glow. Or timeless pieces with animal prints that can be worn all year round and pure silk scarves with nature-inspired patterns with a galactic color palette that can enhance a charming and exceptional outfit.

Why not choose to wear silk neck scarves and match them with your most casual jeans or with your favorite dress. These unique pieces are incredibly versatile and will give the perfect finishing touch to highlight your wardrobe favorites or as a decorative addition to any bag. From bright to darker colors, you can also find the perfect head scarves online that would become your truly unique accessory or you can even pair them with silk scrunchies of your choice!

An elegant timeless piece or the latest fashion trend? No matter your style, shop our range of long silk scarves and enjoy international free shipping. Bet and Malfie now ships to the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia – don’t miss it!

EVERINA - Silk Long Scarf


VICKY - Silk Long Scarf


PENELOPE - Silk Long Scarf