Silk White Scrunchies

It is no secret that silk hair scrunchies are the best and most stylish accessories that can be used to avoid friction and creases to your hair. Making that ponytail at no time, while keeping your hair to the highest standards of softness and durability, has never been easier withhair scrunchies made of silk.

Even though many women prefer colorful silk hair scrunchies to pop some glow on their hair, few favor simplicity over the range of options. That’s why the elegance and quality lie in luxurious hair scrunchies crafted from the finest silk and in the classic white tint that can match with any hair hue.

Bet and Malfie has created a lavish collection with white silk scrunchies tailored for your special moments, which can keep the natural glow and moisture of your hair without damaging them. Wearable art pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd in a stylish and chic way. You can wear them from early in the morning until late at night, even in your sleep. But most importantly, white scrunchie can work as excellent wedding hair accessories, symbolizing a new beginning. The 100% pure silk scrunchie will be ultra-gentle on your hair and will ensure it has a smooth appearance.

Discover silk hair scrunchies in white and other various colors while you can match them with women’s silk scarves or even bandanasof your choice!

Blanche- Silk Scrunchie | Ribbon