Triangle Scarves

Introducing our new collection of luxurious and stylish triangular silk scarves the perfect accessory for any fashion-forward woman looking to add a touch of elegance to her wardrobe.

Crafted from the finest silk, our triangular silk scarves are soft, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable to wear. Their unique shape allows for versatile styling, making them perfect for tying in a variety of ways, from a chic neckerchief to a trendy headwrap.

For the women who prefer a sophisticated yet timeless look, a triangle shawl in the same luxurious silk material would be perfect, the same way our large square silk scarves are both elegant and practical.

From elevating a simple dress to adding a pop of color to a monochrome ensemble, transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of a triangle silk scarf

Shop our collection today and elevate your style game with these must-have accessories, whether you opt for large triangle silk scarves or small square silk scarves Bet and Malfie has it all!

GOLDIE - Silk Triangle Scarf


ROBERTA - Silk Triangle Scarf


NAYLA - Silk Small Triangle Scarf


AMALIA - Silk Triangle Scarf

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