Triangle Scarves

A skinny silk scarf is not a typical accessory but a high – impact and very feminine adornment that can enhance and improve your style.

Beloved by Hollywood stars and fashion bloggers, it can be paired with anything, as it can create the perfect combination.

We, in Bet and Malfie, have designed unique and stylish pure silk scarves that can be worn by any woman looking to showcase her elegant outfit with charm.

Let yourself be amazed and spoiled by the artistic and colorful selection of women’s silk scarves of Bet and Malfie. Luxurious scarves made out of 100% pure silk, designed by high-quality materials that can accompany anything you want to wear.

A glamorous collection that offers light, stunning, and hand-stitched scarves with nature-inspired and unique motifs. Stylish geometric-inspired motives that will be your perfect companion during the summer, while our silk neck scarves with mineral patterns would be the perfect match for your winter outfits.

Curious about how to wear them properly? Think out of the box and tie these silk foulards as a belt with your favorite straight – fit jeans and create the best casual and fashionable outfit. Moreover, you can visit the e-shop of Bet and Malfie to discover also head scarves online and silk bandanas that can highlight perfectly your facial characteristics.

GOLDIE - Silk Scarf

150 €

ROBERTA - Silk Scarf

150 €

copy of NAYLA - Silk Scarf

60 €

copy of AMALIA - Silk Scarf

150 € -60% 60 €
  • Цена снижена
  • -60%