Looking for ways to style a silk scarf? Bet and Malfie got you covered – quite literally!
Watch our videos to find out how to tie a large square scarf as top, shawl, cover-up or neck wrap and get inspired to create your own looks.
Large silk scarves make great summer accessories as they can be used as cover ups, hair wraps or even tops, while they also serve as magnificent winter companions against the cold.
Keep reading to find out how to tie a large square scarf on your head, neck or bust and exercise your creativity throughout the year. When your collection features an accessory as versatile as the silk scarf, you possess the magical ability to transform every outfit into a stylistic extravaganza – don’t let this chance go to waste!

How to make a scarf into a cover up!

Have you ever considered that tying a large square silk scarf into a cover up is not only fitting for the beach but for everyday looks and special occasions, too?

First things first: using a scarf as swimsuit cover up gives you both the coverage and flair you desire while heading for a swim or enjoying a cocktail – the beach scarf cover up is perfect for your holidays, because it’s so airy and elegant.

Well, how about turning that scarf cover up into an elegant vest as well? Here is how to tie a scarf into a cover up: all you have to do is tie the corners of two ends together to create a sleeve and then the remaining two corners together to create the other sleeve – simple as that!

How to wear a silk shawl!

Now that you saw how to tie a large square scarf into a vest, it’s time to find out how to wear it like a silk shawl, too!

This look is perfect for a chilly summer night, a date or even at a wedding over your cocktail dress and it’s one of the simplest ones you can create instantly.

The technique is easy to follow so, without further ado, here is how to wear a large silk scarf as a shawl: fold your big square silk scarf into a triangle, place it on your shoulders with the pointy end at your back, bring the two ends to the front and tie them into a graceful bow. Done!

How to tie a large square scarf around your neck

Wondering how to wear a large square scarf around the neck? Certainly you must have seen numerous videos and ways so far, but how about this one? The magic word? Pleats!

Start by folding your large silk scarf into a triangle and then use your fingers to create pleats. When you’ve reached the middle, place it on your neck with the pointy end facing forward and bring the long ends to the front. There is nothing overly complicated about this look, but the result is stunning and adds a bit of playfulness even to an otherwise strict blazer or neutral palette.

How to wear a big scarf as a top

Now, for those of you who want to know how to wear a big scarf as a top, Bet and Malfie has created a series of YouTube videos as well as blog articles to guide you through the various options.

Starting off with a rather elaborate take, the first top we fashion is ideal for a night out with the girls and perfect for adorning your collarbones. Follow the video to recreate the look!

Did you know that silk is a natural temperature regulator, too? A long silk scarf deserves a spot in your holiday luggage!

How to wear a large square scarf as a backless top

Nothing says summer night out on a Greek island like an open-back top! This chic and feminine alternative can become the focal point of your outfit in a unique and bold way that pairs exceptionally well with jeans or shorts. Want to know how to wear a large square scarf as a backless top? Watch the video carefully to see how to create the front drapes and tie the back to create this flawless ensemble.

From blah to beautiful in seconds!

How to tie a large square scarf as a halter top

Last but not least in our how-to-wear-the-scarf-as-top video series, the halter top is here to shine!

What's more, the plethora of patterns available can make this accessory-turned-clothing as unique as you: allow your exposed tanned shoulders to impress everyone by wearing a top that no one else will be wearing. To top it off, wear your hair in a ponytail or bun and enjoy your evening to the fullest with a multicolored print that can brighten any day!

How to wear a silk scarf with a ladies suit

Now off to a more demanding round, Bet and Malfie has also created videos explaining how to style a large square scarf in a more “demanding” setting or corporate environment.

If you want to be well-dressed for any occasion, now is your time to style your stilettos and designer bag with a big square silk scarf around your neck. We particularly love this look with a fitted ladies suit because it’s elegant, bold, and even practical, covering your cleavage while doing business.

How to use a scarf ring for ultimate ease and style

Scarf rings are the ultimate accessory to take your silk scarves to the next level without damaging the fabric, while also providing ease of use. Forget the knots and the slipping and get ready for a femme fatale look straight from Paris with the help of this precious little thing! Here is how to wear a scarf ring to glam up your shawl: fold your long silk scarf in the middle to make a triangle and place it over your shoulders. Next up, take the two front ends and slip them through the scarf ring to secure the shawl in place. And there you have it, the perfect cover up over a suit or denim jacket – or a perfecto, if you feel like jazzing things up!