Ever wondered how to wear a long silk scarf to elevate your outfit?

From tying a silk scarf around your neck to stay warm on a chilly day to dressing up any outfit with a silk head bandana, Bet and Malfie is here for you!

Life is too short to wear boring clothes and a bold accent might be the key element your outfit was missing.

Hopefully you'll find all the inspiration you needed to create your own unique looks and tackle the "how to wear silk scarves" questions without any trouble.

After watching our videos, you'll understand:

  • How to wear a long silk scarf as belt
  • How to tie a long rectangular silk scarf as a bandana
  • How to wear a long silk scarf around your neck
  • How to wear a long scarf as a top

So... what will it be?

1. Using a scarf as a belt!

Want to dress up a monochromatic outfit? Try your scarf as belt to add color and texture to your look!

Whether you opt for bright patterns or a more muted palette, the silk scarf around your waist will serve as icing on a cake – wearing a scarf as a belt is one of the most unique ways to style this amazing and versatile accessory, while also adding shape to your silhouette.

Here is how to wear a scarf as a belt throughout the year: During the summer, style your scarf with a pair of jean shorts and a white T-shirt. When the weather gets colder, you can wear it with your trench coat to instantly glam up your look. Our favorite way, though? Use your scarf as a belt with any LBD for a body-flattering result that creates an hourglass shape!

2. How to tie a silk long scarf over your dress!

The scarf-over-dress method gives an unparalleled air of sophistication and can become the focal point of your outfit, especially when paired with a basic monochrome dress.

If you are currently experiencing a styling rut, here is how to overcome it: tie your long silk scarf around your waist and let it flow loosely over your chest – then, wrap a black belt around it to give your figure shape again. Et voilà! Piece of clothing or piece of art? No-one can tell!

3. Long silk scarf – how to wear as a head bandana!

When your accessory collection features at least one silk scarf, unkempt hair becomes a thing of the past.

Here's how to wear a silk scarf in your hair for a 70s aesthetic that will conceal a bad-hair day in a matter of minutes: fold your foulard to give it a slimmer look, place it around your head and tie a bow at the bottom side. For a more dramatic effect, use one end of the long bandana scarf to tie the bow and let the other run down behind your neck – perfection!

4. How to tie a silk scarf around your neck: Bow or tie? Both!

Nothing says low-key luxury like a cravat! An element of spice that should be part of every wardrobe, the silk scarf today can be used for both feminine and androgynous ensembles, depending on the occasion.

If you are still wondering how to wear your long silk scarf, luckily for you… you don’t have to choose! You can have the best of both worlds, by using your scarf as a tie with an additional bonus – a bow that adds flair!

For this look, you’ll have to choose a high-quality long silk scarf and carefully tie the knot so as not to damage the delicate material.

5. Scarf as tie? More like as a lady's tie!

When the question is “how to wear a silk scarf”, the simplest answer is usually the right one: as a tie, wrapped around your neck!

No matter what you are wearing or how much money you have spent on each item, a scarf used as tie will make the whole outfit look composed and expensive.

Whether you are looking for a retro element or a conversation-starter, the scarf-as-tie wrap will do the trick and make you seem effortlessly elegant, turning a mundane look into an “Instagrammable” OOTD every influencer would crave.

This is also our favorite way to add femininity to an otherwise strict tailored suit!

6. This is how to style a silk scarf in hair for a retro vibe

Oversized bows, head-wraps for a rainy day or stylish turbans to tame your hairdo while looking fabulous? Everything is possible with the right head bandana by Bet and Malfie.

This is how to create the perfect silk head wrap that will take care of your hair: simply fold the scarf several times to create a ribbon, place it under your ponytail and bring both ends forward over the top of your head. There, cross the two ends and bring them back down at opposite ends to tie the knot under your neck.

This double roll will secure the wrap and make the hairdo last longer, taming all loose baby hair in the process.

7. How to wear a long scarf as a top

Although we think big square silk scarves make a better canvas for our creativity when it comes to styling our scarves as tops, a long silk scarf can do the trick if you are brave enough.

No excuses, no I-have-nothing-to-wear, no piles of tops and blouses on your bedrooms floor – time to embrace the DIY life! A simple summer look yet a classy choice, the silk scarf around the bust paired with hoop earrings and high-waisted jeans is perfect for a walk or date.

Don’t get us wrong, it sure takes a considerable amount of styling know-how (and confidence!) to pull off a long scarf as a top, but we do have faith and so should you!