Small Square Silk Scarves

If you are searching for the perfect combination of versatility and elegance, luxurious square silk scarves are the wardrobe staple you were looking for. A must-have, since the ‘60s, that has become a classic to women’s fashion and is very much back in vogue.

That’s why Bet and Malfie has designed an exclusive collection where you can discover handmade and wearable art pieces that combine cultivated beauty with luxury. Silk scarves made of 100% fine silk Crepe de Chine with unique motifs and colors that can make the difference to your outfit.

There are so many creative and chic ways that you can wear a small square scarf. You can tie it loosely around the neck like a diva or over your hair as beauty protection along with a button-down shirt. Try the cowboy style or knot it around your head, to offer your favorite outfits a trend-led twist while you can always pop them in a suit as a pocket square. 

Pure silk scarves with romantic, nature-inspired, and geometric patterns along with dark or bright colors that can be worn with your favorite blouse. As well as, silk neck scarves with vibrant and playful imageries that make the perfect finishing touch and many other choices among women’s silk scarves to match with your summer and winter outfits.

Choose a square small silk scarf from Bet and Malfie or you can enrich your collection with some silk scrunchies and enjoy their soft feel, as you let them illuminate your everyday ensembles!

ELECTRA 60x60 - Silk Scarf


IMOGEN 60x60 - Silk Scarf


AVANIA 60x60 - Silk Scarf


OLIA 60x60 - Silk Scarf


CLARENCE 60x60 - Silk Scarf


ZOE 60x60 - Silk Scarf


IRENE 60x60 - Silk Scarf

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